Fish Lake resort

Day 99 · 02/08 · 31.1 miles

Smoke. So far Oregon hasn't been great. Gray background all day long due to all the fires. People say Oregon is flat. It's not. It might be the flattest section on the pct, but by no means it's actually flat.We try to make it to Fish Lake resort before 19h for dinner.

It's less than 2 miles off trail but we still try to hitch in from the highway crossing. Hiking 4 off trail miles is a lot. We soon get a ride from a nice lady driving up north in Oregon to help with the forest fires as a medic.

Our hitch out back to the trail is from the store clerk after he closed his resort shop at 19h. We hike a few more miles - doing part of the morning climb - before setting up camp in the woods.