Sander on the PCT

Day 28: Casa de Luna

26.7 miles (43.0km)

23 May 2018

Left Hiker Heaven at the usual 4h30 together with Influx and the supersiblings. The three of them are on a schedule to finish the entire trail by mid August due to school, so we probably won't see them again after today. You can read Himalaya's story here.

Before leaving in the morning, I weighed my pack. 25lbs. great. 30lbs. in the middle of the ballpark. 35lbs. - what the scale was pointing at - you start to question your motives and life choices. I blame Walmart. Eat the heavy stuff first.

The Hiker Heaven shuttle to the trailhead only starts at 7h so we had to do a mile of roadwalking first to get to the trail.

Even though the terrain was easy to walk on, I didn't really enjoy the day. Turn on auto pilot and just do the distance to Casa de Luna. We covered the whole thing - 43 km - by 15h something. My feet hurt. Tomorrow we probably don't do any trail miles. Just the 2 miles in the evening to get from Casa de Luna back to the trail for an early start.