Sander on the PCT

Day 39: Trail names

25.3 miles (40.7km)

03 Jun 2018

We didn't really plan on getting this close to KM yet, but there was an actual river at mile 698. I got there a bit after 15h. Perfect to hang out and go for a swim. Temperature of the water was ideal.

Only 4.2 miles to KM tomorrow morning.

As for trail names, I get called Sanders, Colonel Sanders or just The Colonel these days. When I tell Americans my name, they always automatically add an s at the end. Sander is not a known first name, but they all know Bernie Sanders so they just assume it needs an s in the end, giving them my last name. I soon gave up on correcting people. Furhtermore I like to cut breaks short and do a few extra miles each day. Militaristic tendencies. So they named me after the KFC mascotte Colonel Sanders.

Some trail names out there are wonderfully clever. Here are a few. Photon, because she is travelling light. IKEA, a Japanese Canadian who has a blue backpack with his yellow trecking poles attached at the back in a cross, resembling the Swedish flag and King Arthur, as he was the only person present at a campsite who succeeded at removing a tentstake from the ground.

After I wrote the posts for the previous days in my sleeping bag, I put on some classical music - Chopin, Spring Waltz - and lay down on my back watching the stars. Perfect way to end the last of 39 days in the desert.