Sander on the PCT

Day 90: Etna

21.2 miles (34.1km)

24 Jul 2018

Terrain on those last 21 miles to Etna wss much harder than anticipated with uneven trail and plenty of elevation. When we got to the trailhead though, a trail angel shuttling hikers into town just arrived. Great timing once more.

We are dropped of at the Hiker Hut where we all get a bunk. They have some bikes for hikers to use so we pick one and ride downtown.

We order lunch at the Paystreak Brewery and while waiting for my food, I ran to the post office across the street excited to pick up my new shoes. For the third time in a row though, I was told my package wasn't there. I went back to the lunchspot to connect to the WiFi and look up the tracking number. Yep, package should be here in Etna. I walked back and my package already lay on the counter. Like last two times, it got sorted using the wrong name :/ I'm just happy to have new shoes after 950 miles though. The difference between old and new is rather noticeable..

We relax the rest of the afternoon before biking to Dothy's for dinner. We'll resupply tomorrow.