Sander on the PCT

Adventure time


When I booked my flight to Los Angeles at the start of January, it suddenly all became very real. You're actually going to do this. Yesterday I received my PCT Entry into Canada permit. The last one I still needed. 57 days until my flight.

The Pacific Crest Trail. Hiking about 4,265 km from the Mexican to Canadian border over the course of 150(?) days.

Ever since Reese Witherspoon walked part of the trail in Wild (2014), there has been a significant increase in popularity. As a result you now need a permit. 50 hikers per day. On permit day - last November 1st - I was in Budapest at Lindy Shock. The night before when we were still busy swinging on the Danube, we switched away from daylight saving time. Something I completely missed at the time though is they don't do so in California and by the time I logged in to apply for a permit - an hour late - most were already gone. Luckily a few were still available last week of April. Thursday 26th of April. Perfect!

The trail quite literally runs from border to border, passing through California, Oregon and Washington.

Let's rewind a bit. How did I come up with this absurd idea? It all started over some good Belgian beers back in April 2017. While discussing travels and hiking with a good friend, she mentioned the Pacific Crest Trail. Next day I started doing some research, reading blogs, viewing vlogs. And here we are, a mere 2 months before embarking on this little big adventure.

20th of April I fly to Los Angeles for a few days of jetlag and tourist traps. Afterwards I take the AMTRAK to San Diego where trail angels Scout and Frodo will pick me up. I stay at their place for the next few days, making final preparations before they drop me off at the Southern terminus early morning on the 26th. So it begins.

Currently I'm in a rather weird state of mind. On the one hand I want to start taking my Swedish furniture apart, clear out my apartment and just get out. On the other hand, it's getting pretty scary to leave everything behind and go hike well over 4000 km.

I'm not even sure where my comfort zone is anymore.