Sander on the PCT

City of Angels

23 Apr 2018

On Saturday morning I planned to visit the museum of natural history. Dinosaurs and such. Didn't make it past the California ScienCenter. Because kids, science is important! And watching an actual space shuttle from up close is cool too!

In the afternoon I took the metro to the Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame. An interesting place but not for me. It's all about getting the money out of your pocket. From there I walked to the Griffith Observatory, where you have a magnificent view over the city. Thanks for the tip! I could have spent the entire weekend up there. A beautiful oasis of silence.

I stayed until well after 20h to witness a beautiful sunset over the Hollywood hills - and sign.


Free metro thanks to Earth Day. And yes it's called metro. Subway is where you get your sandwich. Trip to Santa Monica. Turns out Rodeo Rd. and Rodeo Dr. are something completely different. The former being a generic street halfway to Santa Monica, the latter being a fancy shopping street up in Beverly Hills. Learn something new every day.

In Santa Monica strolled down the pier and got myself some WiFi for bus info to Rodeo Drive. Very nice to have free city-wide WiFi. No need to sit outside a McDonalds. Turns out the bus itself also has WiFi.

Welcome to Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive. Lifestyle of the very rich and very famous.

Same bus back to Santa Monica for an afternoon stroll along the Venice Beach boardwalk. And take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.


Walk around in downtown LA on my way to Union Station. I sure hope the SoCal desert is somewhat less hot than LA... yeah.

Los Angeles we had our fun. Can't say I fell in love with you though. Time to move on to bigger adventures.

bonus picture; view from the Amtrak train to San Diego.